Straight to Impulse Buying! Drawing customer’s attention takes a few seconds. We make that glance matter, singling out your product from the first view on the shelf.

Packaging design

Understanding the crucial role that packaging plays in customers’ buying decisions, we work closely with our clients on everything from visual design to structure, material choice, formats and style guides, and print productions.

A three-dimension mix of colors, graphics and shapes creates an eye-catching product presence, taking it off the shelf in record time. Tailored package design will make your brand noticed in seconds.

Labels design

At GRAFIT DESIGN, we know what inspires the consumer.
We works to produce the most unique and provoking labels design for each and every one of our clients, tailor-made to your product’s specifications and the market you’re trying to reach. If you need an extraordinary label design for your new product, we can do it for you! We develop and produce individual sales labels for your products according to your wishes. At a glance, the labels must communicate effectively in an effort to represent its value proposition and make a better connection with the consumer than its competitors. Whatever you are looking for, we will find you find it!

3D Packaging design

We design the ideal packaging for your product, a unique packaging using the most modern software tools to bring the product to life. 

Packaging designed to sell the products. With 3D tools, we create the best solutions for a package that is ready to be produced in series.